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Silver springs is a Cape Town based company in which it thrives to provide the best possible water
quality to its clients. The company has been in business since 2004 making its successor in quality of
delivery, bottles presentation, water and customer service.
Today in age, we know more now than we ever did, how vital water is to our body, we all know that we
should drink at least 1L per day.
SILVER SPRINGS Water is not just your ordinary water, it is not reverse osmose like most of our
comparative commercialize, SILVER SPRINGS, is in fact spring water. Silver Spring water has its
advantage in which no additives need to be added nor taken out, they all in the water direct from the
source. This is key from nature to a healthy life style.
SILVER SPRINGS has a state of the art water plant, certified by the city of Cape Town.

South Africa drinking water professionals

Our Vision

South Africans deserve better drinking water, Silver Springs is the solution.

Our Mission

To set the standard of excellence in quality and service for pure drinking water enjoyed in offices.

Our Business Philosophy

At Silver Springs we believe that customer comes first

A Few Words About Our Company

  • The owner of Silver Springs Artur Carona  a native of Africa himself has a long experience with water and water coolers.
  • Being the first one ( 1990) in the Iberia Peninsula ( Spain and Portugal) and having to comply with tough  European laws gave him a total experience.
  • We are very proud of our company, the installations are the best, our filling equipment are the latest with top of the range technology, our delivery trucks are done accordingly with food and drug administration, remember! When on delivery water should not be exposed to sun at all, sun is the worst enemy of water or any liquid.

Services we offer

We at Silver Springs , your satisfaction is our first priority. That’s why everything we do, from the quality of our water to the convenience of our delivery, and the effectiveness of our maintenance services, is designed to ensure your satisfaction.


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