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Superior Quality Drinking Water

Choosing Silver Springs Water, you are choosing one of the best water available in Western cape.

Silver Springs Water comes from natural underground source, its has all the natural minerals a water should have, giving it a crisp, refreshing taste. Available for delivery in 18.9L. Minimum 2 bottles per delivery.

We don’t believe in the so called fresh water, a commercial name that the source is nothing more nothing less that water from  the municipalities (tap water). This water goes through a transformation so that chlorine and other addictives can be almost subtracted, then RO (reverse osmoses) is used, even if you add 2 or 3 minerals we believe that’s not enough, water has to have all the minerals that comes naturally.

Remember, WATER is the only natural vehicle that takes all the mineral salts  direct into your blood stream, we have to be aware of it!

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